Events & Announcements
Next Group Workshop:
Sunday, April 26, two sessions 1:30-5:00pm
Recent Achievements:
Congratulations to Spencer Cha, 1st Alternate Winner, at the 2015 MTAC piano solo competition, northern CA division 1
Congratulations to Naomi and Jacob Rockower, won gold at 2015 Golden Key International Musical Festival, invitation to perform at the Carnegie Hall in June, 2015
Congratulations to our 2015 USOMC Winners:   Ryan Wang,  Spencer Cha,  Sophia Cha,  Riley Kong,  Munan Cheng,  Jacob Rockower,  Naomi Rockower,  Amy Zhou,  Emily Tsai
2015 The American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition, Young Musicians Category(6-10 years)
  Jacob Rockower-2nd place
  Naomi Rockower-2nd place
  Invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall
2015 State CAPMT Final Results
Jacob Rockower-1st place, Contemporary A
Munan Cheng-2nd place, Honors A
Naomi Rockower-2nd place, Honors B
2014 CAPMT District II Honors Audition
Category A (Age 7 & under)
  Munan Cheng - Winner
  Jacob Rockower - Alternate
  Angelina Wong - Honorable Mention
Category B (Ages 8–9)
  Naomi Rockower - Winner
2014 CAPMT District II Contemporary Audition
Category A (Age 7 & under)
  Jacob Rockower - Winner
  Angelina Wong - Alternate
Emily Tsai and Dolsey Lin (Ellen Sarkisian's students) - Ribbons for receiving highest scores in Autumn Festival, Nov 23, 2014
Daniel Xie (Dr. Lundtvedt's student) - 2nd place winner, Open Legacy Music Competition, San Carlos, CA
Peter Kudelin - 2nd place winner, division I, MTAC state final solo competition, Los Angeles, CA
Spencer Cha - 1st place winner @First age category in the 2014 19th Annual Chopin Competition hosted by Chopin Foundation SF
Winners at 2014 Thera Rabinowitch Memorial Competition
Peter Kudelin - 1st place, Jr Division
Students selected to perform at the 2014 MTAC Palo Alto Branch Honors Recitals
Frederick Nitta, Jerry Qian, Rachel Zhou, and Andrew Chan
Peter Kudelin, winner at 2014 MTAC Piano Solo Competition Northern Regional Division I.
Andrew Chan, winner of Junior Bach Festival 2014.
USOMC 2014 winners:
Munan Cheng - Outstanding Gold Medalist.
Jerry Qian- Outstanding Gold Medalist.
Sophia Cha, student of Dr. Lundvedt, received 3RD place award for intermediate division at the 2014 Music Legacy Open Competition sponsored by Bay Area Music Association.
Ean Bennett, student of Dr. Lundtvedt, received 3RD place award for intermediate division at the 2014 Music Legacy Open Competition sponsored by Bay Area Music Association.
Spencer Cha received a 1ST Alternate award at the CAPMT Contemporary Piano Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki won 1ST PLACE in 2013 the Aloha International Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki won 3RD PLACE in the 18th annual San Francisco Chopin Competition for young musicians.
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) was placed Honorable Mention in CMTAC international Youth Competition.
Jerry Qian is a winner of 2013 Terra Rabinowitch Competition - 1 PLACE.
Andrew Chan was awarded Honorable Mention in 2013 Terra Rabinowitch Competition.
Andrew Chan was awarded Honorable Mention in 2013 Young Pianist Beethoven Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki is a Winner of 2013 Junior Bach Auditions. Miyabi will perform at the Winners Concert at St. Bede's Episcopal Church, 2650 Sand Hill Rd., Menlo Park on March 22, 2013 at 4:30pm
Winners of 2013 USOMC (United States Open Music Competition)
Jerry Qian - 1 PLACE Showcase Solo Intermidiate. Jerry was also awarded with an "Outstanding Gold Medalist Award"
Peter Kudelin - 2 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior
Frederick Nitta - 2 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior and 2 PLACE Open Concerto
Brian Chan (student of Natalia Borodulin) - 3 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior
Rachel Zhao (student of Natalia Borodulin) - 3 PLACE Showcase Solo Inremidiate
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) - 3 PLACE Open Solo 3
Nathaniel Liu received 1ST place in the Audition at Joyful Melody School. He was also selected to receive the Judge's award for his performance.
Frederick Nita received an Honorable Mention in CAPMT Honors competition
Andrew Chan was the 1st place winner in the "American Protege Competition" both Romantic and Contemporary category.
Jessica Li won the 1ST PLACE in 2012 Aloha International Piano Competition.
Andrew Chan received Honorable Mention in 2012 CMTANC Competition - Advanced Category.
Jessica Li - 2ND PLACE in International Russian Music Piano Competition! She performed in the Winners Concert on June 10th at Le Petit Trianon, 72 North 5th Street, San Jose.
Winners of 2012 Annual MTAC Palo Alto Branch Thera Rabinowitch Competition:
Douglas Yao - 2ND PLACE in Seniors'
Miranda Shum - 3RD PLACE in Juniors'
Paulomi Bhattachurya - HONORABLE MENTION in Seniors'
Catherine Huang was awarded 3RD PLACE in 2012 Pacifical Society Competition.
Douglas Yao and Andrew Chan were the winners of Panel Honors Competition.
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) - winner of the US Open Music Competition! Treasury of Romantic Preparatory- 1st place; Open Solo 1C- 3rd place.
Catherine Huang - Finalist in 2012 Pacific Musical Society Competition!
Andrew Chan and Douglas Yao - Panel Finalists!
Winners of 2012 US Open Music Competition:
Jessica Li - 2nd place - Showcase Solo - Elementary
Catherine Huang - 3rd place - Showcase Junior
Nina Zhao - 4th place - Showcase Junior
Miranda Shum - 3rd place Treasury of Romantic - Senior
Douglas Yao won the 1st place in 2012 CAPMT State Honors Audition and the 2nd place in 2012 CAPMT State Contemporary Music Competition.
Jessica Li got Honorable Mention in 2012 CAPMT State Honors Audition.
Andrew Chan! It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you on behalf of the AADGT "Passion of Music 2012" Festival Committee that you have been awarded Third Prize and Honorable Mention Diploma.
Catherine Huang winner of 2012 Junior Bach Audition!
Andrew Chan has been chosen as a Second Place Winner of the American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2012.
He will perform Gargoyles op.29 #4 by Liebermann at the Winners Concert on Sunday, April 8, 2012 at Weill Auditorium of Carnegie Hall, New York.
Students of Natalia Borodulin Arthur Dvorkin and Talia Beyer won Golden Trophy in Music Legacy Winter Festival sponsored by Bay Area Music Association
Miranda Shum received Honorable mention in 2011 CAPMT Concerto Competition
Winners of the CAPMT Honors Audition 2011!
Jessica Li - 1ST place (Junior)
Brian Chen - 3RD place (Junior)
Douglas Yao - 1ST place (Advanced)
Douglas Yao!! - 1st place CAPMT Contemporary Competition, District II. Douglas will compete at the state level at CAPMT Conference on February 17, 2011
Winners of 2011 CMTANC Youth Music Competition!
Jessica Li - 1st place; Brian Chen - 3rd place and Best Performer of Chinese composer piece
Winners of 2011 Chopin Competition (San Francisco Conservatory)!
Catherine Huang - 3rd place
Douglas Yao - Honorable mention
Charles Ye was awarded an Honorable Mention at 2011 Annual East Bay Music Festival
Douglas Yao got an Honorable Mention (Division Solo II) at 2011 MTAC Solo Competition
Arthur Dvorkin student of Natalia Borodulin placed as Honorable Mention in 2011; MTAC, San Francisco Branch Competition.
Winners of 2011 Thera Rabinovich Competition:
Miranda Shum - Junior High Division, 2ND PLACE;
Douglas Yao - High School Division, 3RD PLACE
Winners of Menuhin-Dowling Competition held on Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at the Nueva Music School in Hillsboro: Miranda Shum-1st place (age 11-12)
Catherine Huang-3rd place (age 9-10)
Jady Wei - 3rd place (age 13-14)
Congratulations to Andrew Chan!
2011 US Open Music Competition Winners
Jady Wei - Winner of 2011 Junior Bach competition.
Congratulations to Andrew Chan!
Andrew Chan
2014 Rabinowich Competition - 3rd place, Senior Division
2014 Junior Bach Festival - winner
2014 USOMC Treasury of Romantic Advanced - 3rd place
2014 USOMC Showcase Piano Solo Senior - 3rd place
2014 USOMC Treasury of Classical Advanced - 4th place
2013 Terra Rabonowitch Competition - Honorable Mention
2013 Young Pianist Beethoven Competition - Honorable Mention
2012 "American Protege Competition" Romantic division - 1st PLACE
2012 "American Protege Competition" Contemporary division - 1st PLACE
2012 CMTANC Competition - Honorable Mention - Advanced Category
2012 MTAC Panel Honor Competition - Winner
2012 AADGT "Passion of Music 2012 "Festival - 3rd Prize and H.M. Diploma
2012 American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition - 2nd PLACE
2011 USOMC - Showcase Concerto - Senior Division - 3rd PLACE
2011 USOMC - Showcase Solo - Intermediate Division - 4th PLACE
2011 Master Class with JamesGardner,
          Musical Director of the Pro Arte Symphony Orchestra
2011 American Association for Development of the Gifted and Talented (AADGT)
          Passion of Music International Competition (Age 13-14),
          SILVER MEDAL, invitation to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York
2011 American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition (Age 11-14),
          HONORABLE MENTION, invitation to perform at the Merkin Hall in New York
2010 USOMC - Treasury of Baroque Senior - 1st PLACE
2010 USOMC - Showcase Piano Solo Intermediate - 1st PLACE
2010 American Protege International Piano & Strings Competition
         - Age Group 11-14 - 3rd PLACE
2010 Thera Rabinowitch Competition - Junior Division - 1st PLACE
2010 Chinese Music Teachers Association of Northern California (CMTANC)
          competition - Division D - 3rd PLACE
2010 Russian International Piano Music Competition -
          Junior Category - HONORABLE MENTION
2009 USOMC - Treasury of Classical Senior - 2nd PLACE
2009 USOMC - Treasury of Baroque Senior - 2nd PLACE