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Next Group Workshop:
Sunday, April 26, two sessions 1:30-5:00pm
Recent Achievements:
Congratulations to Naomi and Jacob Rockower, won gold at 2015 Golden Key International Musical Festival, invitation to perform at the Carnegie Hall in June, 2015
Congratulations to our 2015 USOMC Winners:   Ryan Wang,  Spencer Cha,  Sophia Cha,  Riley Kong,  Munan Cheng,  Jacob Rockower,  Naomi Rockower,  Amy Zhou,  Emily Tsai
2015 The American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition, Young Musicians Category(6-10 years)
  Jacob Rockower-2nd place
  Naomi Rockower-2nd place
  Invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall
2015 State CAPMT Final Results
Jacob Rockower-1st place, Contemporary A
Munan Cheng-2nd place, Honors A
Naomi Rockower-2nd place, Honors B
2014 CAPMT District II Honors Audition
Category A (Age 7 & under)
  Munan Cheng - Winner
  Jacob Rockower - Alternate
  Angelina Wong - Honorable Mention
Category B (Ages 8–9)
  Naomi Rockower - Winner
2014 CAPMT District II Contemporary Audition
Category A (Age 7 & under)
  Jacob Rockower - Winner
  Angelina Wong - Alternate
Emily Tsai and Dolsey Lin (Ellen Sarkisian's students) - Ribbons for receiving highest scores in Autumn Festival, Nov 23, 2014
Daniel Xie (Dr. Lundtvedt's student) - 2nd place winner, Open Legacy Music Competition, San Carlos, CA
Peter Kudelin - 2nd place winner, division I, MTAC state final solo competition, Los Angeles, CA
Spencer Cha - 1st place winner @First age category in the 2014 19th Annual Chopin Competition hosted by Chopin Foundation SF
Winners at 2014 Thera Rabinowitch Memorial Competition
Peter Kudelin - 1st place, Jr Division
Students selected to perform at the 2014 MTAC Palo Alto Branch Honors Recitals
Frederick Nitta, Jerry Qian, Rachel Zhou, and Andrew Chan
Peter Kudelin, winner at 2014 MTAC Piano Solo Competition Northern Regional Division I.
Andrew Chan, winner of Junior Bach Festival 2014.
USOMC 2014 winners:
Munan Cheng - Outstanding Gold Medalist.
Jerry Qian- Outstanding Gold Medalist.
Sophia Cha, student of Dr. Lundvedt, received 3RD place award for intermediate division at the 2014 Music Legacy Open Competition sponsored by Bay Area Music Association.
Ean Bennett, student of Dr. Lundtvedt, received 3RD place award for intermediate division at the 2014 Music Legacy Open Competition sponsored by Bay Area Music Association.
Spencer Cha received a 1ST Alternate award at the CAPMT Contemporary Piano Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki won 1ST PLACE in 2013 the Aloha International Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki won 3RD PLACE in the 18th annual San Francisco Chopin Competition for young musicians.
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) was placed Honorable Mention in CMTAC international Youth Competition.
Jerry Qian is a winner of 2013 Terra Rabinowitch Competition - 1 PLACE.
Andrew Chan was awarded Honorable Mention in 2013 Terra Rabinowitch Competition.
Andrew Chan was awarded Honorable Mention in 2013 Young Pianist Beethoven Competition.
Miyabi Kadowaki is a Winner of 2013 Junior Bach Auditions. Miyabi will perform at the Winners Concert at St. Bede's Episcopal Church, 2650 Sand Hill Rd., Menlo Park on March 22, 2013 at 4:30pm
Winners of 2013 USOMC (United States Open Music Competition)
Jerry Qian - 1 PLACE Showcase Solo Intermidiate. Jerry was also awarded with an "Outstanding Gold Medalist Award"
Peter Kudelin - 2 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior
Frederick Nitta - 2 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior and 2 PLACE Open Concerto
Brian Chan (student of Natalia Borodulin) - 3 PLACE Showcase Solo Junior
Rachel Zhao (student of Natalia Borodulin) - 3 PLACE Showcase Solo Inremidiate
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) - 3 PLACE Open Solo 3
Nathaniel Liu received 1ST place in the Audition at Joyful Melody School. He was also selected to receive the Judge's award for his performance.
Frederick Nita received an Honorable Mention in CAPMT Honors competition
Andrew Chan was the 1st place winner in the "American Protege Competition" both Romantic and Contemporary category.
Jessica Li won the 1ST PLACE in 2012 Aloha International Piano Competition.
Andrew Chan received Honorable Mention in 2012 CMTANC Competition - Advanced Category.
Jessica Li - 2ND PLACE in International Russian Music Piano Competition! She performed in the Winners Concert on June 10th at Le Petit Trianon, 72 North 5th Street, San Jose.
Winners of 2012 Annual MTAC Palo Alto Branch Thera Rabinowitch Competition:
Douglas Yao - 2ND PLACE in Seniors'
Miranda Shum - 3RD PLACE in Juniors'
Paulomi Bhattachurya - HONORABLE MENTION in Seniors'
Catherine Huang was awarded 3RD PLACE in 2012 Pacifical Society Competition.
Douglas Yao and Andrew Chan were the winners of Panel Honors Competition.
Mia Kao (student of Ellen Sarkisian) - winner of the US Open Music Competition! Treasury of Romantic Preparatory- 1st place; Open Solo 1C- 3rd place.
Catherine Huang - Finalist in 2012 Pacific Musical Society Competition!
Andrew Chan and Douglas Yao - Panel Finalists!
Winners of 2012 US Open Music Competition:
Jessica Li - 2nd place - Showcase Solo - Elementary
Catherine Huang - 3rd place - Showcase Junior
Nina Zhao - 4th place - Showcase Junior
Miranda Shum - 3rd place Treasury of Romantic - Senior
Douglas Yao won the 1st place in 2012 CAPMT State Honors Audition and the 2nd place in 2012 CAPMT State Contemporary Music Competition.
Jessica Li got Honorable Mention in 2012 CAPMT State Honors Audition.
Andrew Chan! It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you on behalf of the AADGT "Passion of Music 2012" Festival Committee that you have been awarded Third Prize and Honorable Mention Diploma.
Catherine Huang winner of 2012 Junior Bach Audition!
Andrew Chan has been chosen as a Second Place Winner of the American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2012.
He will perform Gargoyles op.29 #4 by Liebermann at the Winners Concert on Sunday, April 8, 2012 at Weill Auditorium of Carnegie Hall, New York.
Students of Natalia Borodulin Arthur Dvorkin and Talia Beyer won Golden Trophy in Music Legacy Winter Festival sponsored by Bay Area Music Association
Miranda Shum received Honorable mention in 2011 CAPMT Concerto Competition
Winners of the CAPMT Honors Audition 2011!
Jessica Li - 1ST place (Junior)
Brian Chen - 3RD place (Junior)
Douglas Yao - 1ST place (Advanced)
Douglas Yao!! - 1st place CAPMT Contemporary Competition, District II. Douglas will compete at the state level at CAPMT Conference on February 17, 2011
Winners of 2011 CMTANC Youth Music Competition!
Jessica Li - 1st place; Brian Chen - 3rd place and Best Performer of Chinese composer piece
Winners of 2011 Chopin Competition (San Francisco Conservatory)!
Catherine Huang - 3rd place
Douglas Yao - Honorable mention
Charles Ye was awarded an Honorable Mention at 2011 Annual East Bay Music Festival
Douglas Yao got an Honorable Mention (Division Solo II) at 2011 MTAC Solo Competition
Arthur Dvorkin student of Natalia Borodulin placed as Honorable Mention in 2011; MTAC, San Francisco Branch Competition.
Winners of 2011 Thera Rabinovich Competition:
Miranda Shum - Junior High Division, 2ND PLACE;
Douglas Yao - High School Division, 3RD PLACE
Winners of Menuhin-Dowling Competition held on Sunday, March 20th, 2011 at the Nueva Music School in Hillsboro: Miranda Shum-1st place (age 11-12)
Catherine Huang-3rd place (age 9-10)
Jady Wei - 3rd place (age 13-14)
Congratulations to Andrew Chan!
2011 US Open Music Competition Winners
Jady Wei - Winner of 2011 Junior Bach competition.

Guest Book

From Andrew Aday, Dec 2014

From Ryan Wang, Dec 2014

From Andrew Chan, class of 2014, now a college student continuing his journey on piano

From Fumiko Yamaguchi, mother of Jacob and Naomi Rowock, 2014

Dear Lena, Thank you always for your enthusiasm in teaching the kids the beautiful art! I really appreciate it and we learn and get inspired a lot every time.

From Pamela, 2013

Dear Lena,
Please allow me to express our gratitude for you in the meantime. We are thrilled to see Angelina progressing every day. We greatly appreciate that you ask nothing less than perfect with kindness and caring. It is truly magical, thank you so much!

Letter from Douglas, 2013

To Mrs. Grozman,
The reason why I'm sending an email, instead of giving you a phone call or meeting you in person, is so that I have time to think all my thoughts through and make sure what I say is truly what I want to say.
That being said, thank you so much for the years we have spent together. You've taught me innumerable things about piano and music that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I owe a great deal to you for all the time and effort you've invested to teaching me, and you've helped me mature both with regard to music and as a person. Without a doubt, I wouldn't be where I am today without your help...........I want you to know that the skills you've taught me are being put to good use.
Again, thank you for everything. It's hard to say goodbye after all these years...
Thanks, Douglas.

From Doris, 2013

Your student did a great job, he played that piece from his heart.

Message from Fumiko Rockower

Thank you so much for the lessons for Naomi and Jacob today. I was deeply impressed with how you teach with such focus in artistic expression. I understand completely how your students play the way they do. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was growing up! I feel like I was missing the whole point!

Card from Jessica Li, 2012

Card from Miranda Shum, 2012

Card from Jessica Li, 2012

Card from Adele Li, 2012

Message from Tsuneko (Freddy's parent)

Dear Lena
I am really grateful to you for teaching Freddy with his small hands and with high expectations. I have more than several experiences with music teachers in the past and you are the best teacher for Freddy.
Best wishes,

Card from Brian Chen, 2012

Card from Adele Li, 2011

Card from Ashley Zhang, 2011

Card from Catherine Huang, 2011

Card from Nina Zhao, 2011

Message from Amy Zeng

Hi Lena,
I thought about our conversation at the last lesson for quite awhile. Before I go on, I'd like to say that you've been such a wonderful teacher and mentor. I always look forward to our lessons together because you always manage to inspire me to practice harder with your kind words of encouragement and your gentle guidance. You have motivated me for such a long time to keep practicing, even when I was discouraged and I hadn't won any competitions for two consecutive years. If it weren't for your patience and dedication, I would have quit piano long time ago. I will always appreciate the time and effort you put into teaching me and will remember the time we spent together with great affection........


Card from Miranda Shum, 2011

Thank you card from Brian Chen

Card from Amy Zeng, 2011

Card from Thomas Chan, 2011

Card from Catherine Huang, 2010

Message from Sondra Clark

Dear Lena,

How fabulous! ... I meant to write you right after the recital and thank you for your wonderful students!? I also wanted to give Alice and Anna special credit for playing so well While Sharing a Single Bench! That goes beyond musical talent! :)

And your younger students, Catherine and Miranda, were just breath-taking. All of your students should be showcased in more concerts in this area -- you produce absolutely superb musicians!

So again, thanks -- I'm always so pleased to hear my music played by your students!

Happiest wishes,

Sondra Clark

Comment from Lu & Chaofeng Huang April, 2010

Hi, Lena:

The positive comments are very encouraging, and we love to see Catherine's progress under your teaching in such a short period of time !


Lu & Chaofeng

Comment from Sondra Clark April, 2010

Bless you, Lena,

I'd love to come to your recital May 1st. And Gordon would, too -- he liked your recital last year so much!

I just can't thank you enough for the joy you give me!

Sondra (Clark)

Comment from Anna Boonyanit April, 2010

Dear Mrs. Lena,

Thank you for helping me win the first place in the MTAC solo competition. Without you, I would not have won. It means so much to me. Thank you very much...

Best Wishes,


Dear Lena,

I got a notice from Pacific Musical Society that I made the Finals. Thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher and making all my dreams come true! I think you are an amazing teacher, and I'm so glad you put so much effort into polishing my Chopin piece. See you tomorrow!

Your student, Alice

Dear Mrs.Lena,

Thank you for your kind letter, it really makes me have a warm and happy heart! You are a great, helpful, patient, and kind piano teacher. I really want to be a piano teacher and pianist when I grow up.


Words cannot express our sincere thankfulness to your tremendous help in making Andrew successful in his recent competitions. We always appreciate your passionate teaching.

A million thanks,

Thomas Chan


Dear Lena,

...I want to let you know that both Albert and I are very grateful for all the wonderful lessons that you have given
him over the past 7, 8 years. Albert will not be Albert without you in terms of his piano education ...

Becky Wu

Thank you for your generous spirit and constant support. I'm so blessed by your friendship and thanking God for bringing you into my life! I have to thank American Fine Arts Society for hosting competition in the bay area!!! :)…

Sandra Wright-Shen


"The importance of Jon's (Nakamatsu) email is that he is saying that Anna (Boonyanit) is playing at a level of maturity well beyond her chronological age . . . Anna (Boonyanit) is blossoming under Lena's tutelage so much so that a great artist like Jon Nakamatsu took important notice of her playing."

Chris Hepp, D.M.A.
Sherman Clay Pianos

Nina Zhao's Card

Anna Boonyanit's Card

Kaitlyn Dai's Card

Miranda Shum's Card

Amy Zeng's Card


Dear Lena,

…We(’re) truly thankful for your passionate teaching.  You are a wonderful piano teacher…

Tomas, Julie & Andrew Chan



Dear Lena:

I can't say thank you enough for what you've done in the past couple of months for Charlene. As a matter of fact, every time we took lessons with you, we found them fruitful and productive. The structure, the intensity, the depth, the emphasis on discipline and quality are all right on. Experience counts. ...you've already left a deep mark in Charlene. She said right after the lesson she'll miss you. ... Thanks so much for nurturing young musicians.

Sincerely yours

Charles Ma


My life is like a play. Many have a role in my life. Everybody I know—no matter how much I dislike them—those who I know the existence of and maybe a little more all influence the twists and turns of the plot. Of course those in my family influence me the most--*cough cough*--but there are more outside my family that also influence me. The most powerful person outside my family that rubs off on me the strongest is my piano teacher, Lena Grozman!

Lena influences me in many different ways. The most significant way that she has influenced me is my self-confidence. Before I started playing piano at her studio, I would always be a shy girl. I never started friendships by myself. I usually waited for the other to start the conversation. I kept to myself a lot if I were new, and I waited until the other would set the goal of what I were to aspire to in order to become their friend. This all changed when I became Lena’s student. She sent me to various competitions and recitals, and I have developed a sense of self-confidence from performing onstage. Now, I am no longer shy, and I’m usually the one who starts the conversation among my friends. I have also been influenced in other ways from learning piano with Lena. I can now demonstrate a few skills that I used to find frustrating to master, such as my tone and isolation of insignificant notes, so my playing doesn’t get too “busy.” Lena also inspires me to practice piano. She instructs me so diligently, that I feel extremely guilty if I don’t play a piece on the piano at least once a day. Lena has a big role in the play of my life. She is the most significant part of my play, other than my friends and my parents. She has influenced me greatly, in my personality, and in my piano mastery. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Amy Zeng, 10 years old


Dear Lena,

What a treat it was to hear your students play! They are so very lucky to have such a superb, devoted teacher! And of course, I loved hearing Eileen and Jennifer play Miami Mambo...Lena, you are simply amazing to me. Thank you so much for inviting me to your recital and for teaching my pieces.

Warmest wishes,
Sondra Clark

(Comments about Amy Zeng's Performance)

Amy, this is wonderfully musical! What talent! Lena, you are the most amazing piano teacher!! I swear you can somehow teach musicality.


Congratulations Lena on such a beautiful class today.

Your teaching and musicianship is so fluent that the students respond to you almostimmediately and the changes were palpable. It was a special event to watch and I'm so glad we could host it here at the store. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing your students perform here in June.

Many thanks again Lena for your wonderful teaching.

Chris Hepp, DMA
Sherman Clay



From Clare

Dear Ms. Grozman,  
You are the best piano teacher in the world.  I really appreciate when you polish the competition pieces and show me how to express beautiful music.  Thank you for being my piano teacher.  Wish you a Happy New Year. 



Dear Lena,

Thank you very much for everything you've done for NiuNiu.  You are a truly inspirational teacher and musician!  You will always have our deepest affection.

NiuNiu, Leilei and Tat-Jin Teo


From Cary Wun:

Hi Lena! This is Cary. ...After all that nostalgia I guess I just wanted to say thanks for being my piano teacher. Even though I had no talent, and was not a good student in the later years (I didn't practice nearly enough, only an hour a day), learning how to play the piano made me love classical music forever...

I was only 8-13 years old when I was taking lessons, so I was too young to appreciate how good of a teacher you were. I remember wondering why we had to do all those scales and arpeggios, and do them perfectly with the metronome! Or how you focused on performing the piece instead of just pounding the notes at the right beat. It makes much more sense to me now…


From Lulu Shu:

Thank you for being such a great piano teacher. You
have taught me a lot of basic techniques to get
me where I am today. If it weren't for you I wouldn't
have had the chance to go to my dream school with a scholarship!

Lulu Shu